Fashion and philosophy

Fashion and philosophy – PEYTAVI Xavière

Gilles Lipovetsky states that « in fashion, we must constantly find new hooks ». Seeing this title, many of you, I think were surprised. But there is really a relationship between these two themes.

« Fashion poses questions that are essentially philosophical: identity, subjectivity and otherness but also the perception of the body, a gendered or fetishized body” according to Marie-Aude Baronian, doctor of philosophy.

Fashion is above all a duel between being and appearing. How one sees oneself, how one would like others to see us … To ask oneself how one dresses in the morning is above all a metaphysical question. Marie-Aude Baronian even goes to the question of whether we have a garment or if we are a garment?

In this fashion experience, the main element is the body. However, the question arises whether fashion actually liberates us or whether it is a constraint for you. It has already happened to you to wear jeans too tight or underwear not comfortable enough … However this duality between stress and release can be transformed into complementarity. Indeed the most obvious example is the corset. On the one hand, it symbolizes suffering because it is a horror to wear it but also represents liberation in the fact that it allows to assert femininity, a charisma that women were looking for. Another more topical example is the stiletto heels.

According to Françoise Gaillard, historian: « Fashion has the ability to make possible a social obedience that is at the same time an individual differentiation ». In other words, it is possible to be fashionable without going into a mold but instead to assert his own style. However according to Francesco Masci, fashion is alienated by time. Indeed, the fashion of yesterday is no more, the fashion of today will not be more and the mode of tomorrow is not. This cyclical character according to him brings the « catastrophe » or « disappointment ».

Xavière Peytavi

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