Fashion and social medias

April 28, 2019

Fashion is nowadays a good way to show your personality. Social medias have the power to judge your own personality, we could take for example Instagram in which everyone talk about fashion. This is why some big brands take the opportunity and become partner with famous instagramers.

Fashion is no more a luxe item, because everyone could give his opinion about fashion. Medias help to put in relief a fashion article and choose if this outfit is trend or not.

It could be seen as a good thing because it is more easier now to find inspiration by social medias and we could share our favorite outfit in all around the world but the problem is that everyone is copying everyone and now it’s difficult to define personality by clothes.

Finally, a more important problem increased. The « hypersexualization ». Woman are exposed to the deterioration of the image oh the woman. In fact, the woman is considered as an object and showing more your body is becoming the new trend. Some people considered that fashion is no more an art but it is now a way to be provocative.

Fashion is a rich subject but we have to mark the difference between the art of clothing and the art of provocation. Clothes are made to show your own personality and to express your daily mood.


Cynthia N’KANZA