Fashion and sociology

A sociological point of view – Jullien Pacioni

From a sociological point of view, fashion has often been a way for the upper classes to stand out. Indeed, from a historical point of view, fashion was before created at the royal court. Subsequently, the royalties having often lost power for the benefit of the bourgeoisie, it is she who took charge of the creation of fashion. From that moment, two aspects of fashion distinguished themselves, in correlation with the industrialization of our modern societies and the capitalist and liberal logic.

On the one hand, fashion has become an industry and has had to evolve very quickly, at each « season », in order to sell more and push for consumption. For these reasons, industrial fashion is often cheap and is aimed at a wide audience. Brands, which often dictate this fashion, gradually create a uniform garment.

On the other hand, the bourgeoisie and the ruling classes had to find a way to stand out. For this, they began to consume more expensive products, and therefore inaccessible to the lower classes. The American economist and sociologist Thorstein Veblen has thus highlighted an effect that now bears his name: when the price of a product increases considerably and the product becomes a luxury product, as is the case for many fashion objects – clothing, watches, jewelry, handbags, etc. – the demand for this object increases (whereas economic theories showed until then that the more expensive a product, the less it was asked). Thus, brands have specialized in this area and have given birth to luxury fashion, which in turn inspired industrial fashion.

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About Us

Hello everyone! First, let’s introduce our group; it is composed of 2 girls and only one boy. We are almost 20 years old. All four of us are passionate about literature and current events. To give you more desire to know us, here are our descriptions. The first member of the group is called Xaviere. She is 20 years old and is in dual bachelor doing a joint honours degree in modern literature and philosophy. She loves literature and spends a lot of time reading. She loves to cook but also to dance which is has been one of her passions since the age of 3 years. Later, she would like to move into a teaching profession. The second member of the group is Jullien, aged 19, he is in his second year of philosophy and literature and first year of psychology. He loves literature, sociology, current affairs and politics. In addition, he enjoys a lot of debating on topics such as ecology, issues of racism and misogyny, education, the arts, democracy and the state of the world … The third member of the group is Lois. At almost 20 years old, she’s studying modern literature and Italian at Paul Valery University and English at the Jean Jaurès University in Toulouse. Her passions are books, art and foreign languages. Indeed, she would like to work in the publishing sector. The last member of our group is Cynthia she loves art. Especially when it’s about fashion. She would like to have her own fashion Tv show in which she could talks about women’s subjects.

Our blog will talk mainly about fashion but in a social way :

A lot of people believe that fashion is only glitter and riches but it’s more than this for us. Fashion is more about psychology: Why a person prefers to wear a certain kind of clothes? Why a person seems to be different ( we talk about attitude) when he/she is wearing in a different way. A lot of questions that are very interesting. Fashionis also about history, politics, arts, ideas and more. Fashionis always in movement, it is inspiring and is inspired. Those are the points that we want to talk about.

To organise our work each of us will have to develop a specific part. For example, Xaviere is more concerned about philosophy so she could develop the philosophical aspect of fashion. Julien could talkabout the psychological aspect of fashion, different portraits of people. He could also talkabout inequalities : why poor and rich peoples are not dressed in the same way (for example). Lois could higlight the fact that people are not dressed in the same way all around the world. She is studying  Italian so she could focus on this country if she wants. Cynthia could show how trends evolve through the years especially nowadays with social media.

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